It’s time.

Kavanaugh and his family have been through enough and if Ford does indeed push testifying out again, they need to move on.

Bob Corker, eh? Interesting.

Does this mean that no matter what game Ford and her attorney’s try this time to push for an extension it won’t matter? That if she doesn’t testify it’s over and time to vote?

PLEASE let this be true.


With the amount of bellyaching on this thread from the Left it certainly sounds like this could very well be happening:

The only con job we’ve seen is coming from people who magically remember but don’t remember Kavanaugh somehow sexually assaulting him, even though they have no witnesses, can’t tell anyone when or where it happened, and keep trying to get out of testifying.

These people have been screaming at the GOP since Trump beat their queen nearly two years ago.

Bring it.

So dramatic.

Like we said, dramatic.

News to the Left, the Right has been united behind Kavanaugh and these ridiculous claims and attempts to smear and destroy this man’s life. You have been shown to be dishonest and desperate … and it’s time to vote.


Confirm Kavanaugh.


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