Dianne Feinstein has been doubling (tripling?) down on the messaging that Ford pushing off her testimony is somehow the GOP’s fault for bullying her. Forget that Grassley has literally bent over backward (it wasn’t pretty) to make sure Ford felt safe, that they’ve given her extension after extension, that they’ve offered to fly to her since she’s scared to fly … somehow Dianne thinks we’ll buy this crap.

Look at her.

Ok, so wait a second.

Dianne sat on these allegations for two months.

She threw Ford to the wolves as a Hail Mary effort to stop Kavanaugh.

But it’s the GOP’s fault that they want to give her a chance to testify and be heard?

Alrighty then.

Tammy Bruce has had ENOUGH.



No amount of crying about the big, bad GOP changes Dianne’s own actions.

She should be ashamed of herself.

Yup. With Dems, you are guilty until proven innocent unless of course you’re a Democrat. Like Keith Ellison.

Indeed they will.

There really should be some consequence, especially if what we’re seeing is true and Ford’s allegations ultimately fall apart.

Tammy went on to echo what many people are starting to think about Ford’s actions … and her attorneys.

And one of the witnesses in question is a woman … aren’t we supposed to believe women?


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