Kamala Harris believes the public deserves to know about the character of Brett Kavanaugh.

She also believes the government should pay for American’s rent if they fall on hard times so we should probably take what she believes with a grain of salt.

If only they’d have asked her about the charges against Keith Ellison. Don’t Minnesotans deserve to know about the character of the guy who wants to be their Attorney General?

Coming forward at the point where Democrats were so desperate they were willing to exploit her for their own political gain.

Perhaps that is courage.

Forget there is very little for them to investigate considering Ford doesn’t remember when exactly this happened. You sort of need those small details to even get going, doncha think?

They need to know who he is even though they’ve looked at half a million documents already and have told us time and time again they will not be voting for him.

Now all we need is Spartacus and the Senate Democrat theatrics will be complete.

Because THIS is their Hail Mary.


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