Alyssa Milano wrote a letter to Trump.

Because he does not scare her.

Yeah, we rolled our eyes too – it’s been that sort of day.


You don’t intimidate me. And you definitely don’t intimidate the millions of health care advocates who are going to vote Republicans out of office in November.

Ever since becoming president, you and the Republican Party have made it your priority to raise the costs of Americans’ health care by any means necessary — but the American people are not backing down.

Who does she think she is? Speaking for the American people.

She really believes this crap, folks.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t write it.

A few months into office, you tried to destroy our entire healthcare system in Congress. Your plan would have padded the pockets of the wealthiest 1 percent by slashing over $800 billion from Medicaid and the health care that millions of working families rely upon. It would have raised health care costs up to 850 percent.

Your plan would have cost American jobs and American lives, and you tried to convince us that we deserved it.

There is no way Trump could have destroyed our health care system, Obama did that years ago. And sorry but Obama tried to convince US that we deserved Obamacare. Maybe she’s confused about who the president is right now.

Pretty bad.

But facts don’t matter when you’re got FEELINGS.

Silly, Trump supporters don’t count.

She’s not scared of him though!

Something like that.

Don’t forget, she’s not letting him get away with it either.



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