With all of the noise around Kavanaugh, it’s easy to forget about other newsworthy tidbits, like the intelligence community’s crap behavior during the 2016 election.

Nothing to see here, nope.

Just another damning text from the Left’s favorite disgraced ex-FBI guy with a big ol’ GoFundMe, Peter Strzok …

From saracarter.com

According to Fox News, “Text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, discussing whether to open a ‘case’ in a ‘formal chargeable way’ after Director James Comey was fired, are under fresh scrutiny after Page told congressional investigators there was no evidence of Russian collusion at the time, according to three congressional sources.”

Just hours after Comey’s termination went public in May, Strzok texted Page “We need to open the case we’ve been waiting on now while Andy is acting.”

Andy is likely a reference to then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired from the bureau months later for leaking intelligence to the press.

Aww, we like how they call him Andy, like they’re old friends.

And ruh-roh.

It’s like a really disgusting game of chess at this point.

Or a bad John Grisham novel.

Join the club.

But good luck with that.


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