Our good, sweet, delicate friends on the Left will have to forgive us if we’re a tad skeptical about the timing of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh being made public the Sunday before the week they are to vote on him.

Maybe covering the Left has made us a tad cynical over the years. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Well, there’s that, and then there’s this from Kurt Schlichter:

Verrrrry interesting.

Could there be a vendetta of sorts? Hey, we don’t have the answers, we just work here.

But this definitely seems like something they should look into, yeah?

Far be it for us to cast doubt on this professor who appears to be a Leftist activist making accusations against Kavanaugh from 35 years ago RIGHT before senators were to vote on him.

We’d never do that. *shines halo*

It’s what they do best.

And we know they’re desperate right now.

Don’t give them any ideas.

Psh, if they did that whatever would we write about?

Time for her to testify.


–Updated Again —

Luckily we said huge IF true … appears this was just another rumor. – Ed.

— Updated —

Kurt reached out to Twitchy and wanted to make sure he gave credit where it was due …


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