Isn’t it adorable how POLITICO’s Daniel Lippman is trying to make it look like Ford coming out over the weekend somehow changed the minds of the 65 women who originally signed a letter of support for Kavanaugh?

And by adorable we mean pathetic, predictable, and all too typical.

Only TWO still stand by him?! OMG ONLY TWO.

Except that’s not exactly true …


Kavanaugh’s defenders on Sunday included Meghan McCaleb and Stephanie Conway McGill, two of the 65 high-school acquaintances of Kavanaugh who signed an open letter last week vouching for his character after the allegations were first reported.

“I stand by the letter I signed. I do not know this woman,” said McGill by email on Sunday, referring to Ford. McCaleb added, “I absolutely stand by the letter we signed.”

More than two dozen of the women who signed onto the letter did not immediately respond when contacted by POLITICO on Sunday about whether they still stood behind their defense of Kavanaugh. Two of the women who signed the letter declined to comment.

Sounds like he was only able to actually engage four of the women …

This IS dumb.

But like others in the media, Lippman knows many people will just read his tweet or the headline, not the whole story.

Sneaky, ain’t they?

That would be zero.

Awww media, never change.


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