TFW you know it’s official, everything is stupid.

Especially politically. (we know, we know, #Evergreen)

And they wonder why we’re skeptical about these allegations against Kavanaugh when people like David Frum are so quick to point the finger and accuse the ‘key decision-makers’ around his confirmation of being complicit of Trump’s history of alleged sexual abuse.


Once again it’s the narrative they’re focused on, and how they can use this woman (who may or may not be telling the truth) to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed because thanks to Harry Reid they are running out of options.

Look at this nonsense:

From The Atlantic:

The Republican majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee is all-male. However keen their intuitive sympathy, however intimately connected they may be to the women in their lives, isn’t one side of the alleged situation involving Supreme Court-nominee Brett Kavanaugh likely to be more legible to them than the other?


These surprise allegations against Kavanaugh are now to be assessed by people pre-committed to dismissing such allegations as irrelevant to public office. Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court nominee because Donald Trump is president. And what is alleged against Kavanaugh that President Trump has not already confessed?


John McCormack shared a few inconvenient facts with David:

Oh yeah, about that.


At this point, we really want Ford to testify, and we want Kavanaugh to have a chance to defend himself.

But McCormack’s point is valid, nobody should try and make this about the senators and ultimately as a dig at Trump. Otherwise it becomes nothing more than another political hit job …


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