If you’d have told this editor that one day she’d write important, impactful, political pieces about curtains she’d have laughed at you. Ok, she would probably have called you a name first and then laughed at you.


As Twitchy readers know, the New York Times wrote a deliberately misleading article about really expensive curtains in Nikki Haley’s residence ($52k and change to be exact) and didn’t bother to mention until six paragraphs in that the Obama administration was the guilty party. Proving the majority of people don’t read past the headline, the story went pretty viral, even getting the attention of Rep. Ted Lieu who demanded an investigation.

Like we said, everything is dumb.

Yashar Ali blasted the Times:

Incredibly irresponsible.

And the NYT wonders why we make fun of them.

Sad but likely true.

Kudos to Yahsar.

Sidenote: The NYT must think Nikki Haley will be a threat politically someday to have written such an obvious hit piece. This pleases us.


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