Oh look, Sleeping Giants has gone after another pundit on Fox News they disagree with.

Fascists say what?

Yes, this is the first tweet of a LOOOONG thread that we’re choosing not to share because OMG who are these people. Oh, wait, we know who they are … and you’re welcome for not subjecting you to their BS.

Hey now, Dungeons and Dragons is rad.



Now now, these folks LOVE diversity, as long as it’s the sort of diversity they approve of … otherwise BAN ALL THE THINGS.

That’s where the Left and the Right are really very different. The Right gets ticked off they switch the channel (looking at you, NFL). The Left gets their panties all bunched up and they not only change the channel but insist everyone around them change the channel too.

Ann Coulter really nailed it:

They can’t be bothered to actually debate Tucker, they just want to try and ruin his career and his life because they disagree with him.

It’s all they know.


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