Sarah Sanders seriously has the patience of Job.

She is unshakeable no matter what ridiculous questions the firefighters in the press corps lob at her, like this genius question about people using the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office.


She made the same face we all do when watching this circus but she also managed to answer his question.

‘Almost as ridiculous as Bob Woodward’s book.’


Sarah also commented on Kavanaugh:

Ok, she’s spot on here. If you watched ANY of that disaster last week you know she speaks the truth about Kavanaugh. We’re shocked he didn’t finally just throw a shoe or something at Cory Booker because true story, this editor would have been tempted.

Which is probably why HE’S the judge and this editor writes goofy articles for a living.

And finally, she also addressed the NYT op-ed.




And all sorts of boom.

Something like that.


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