Just last week, Twitchy covered news around Michael Moore ‘stiffing’ his wife (we know, phrasing, sorry!) and not making good on paying her ‘fair share’ of movie profits. And now today this came across our feed …

Meet film critic and historian Leonard Martin, a nice enough fellow who clearly takes no joy in calling Michael out AGAIN for stiffing someone else … this time a group he worked with on ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’.



And we’re sadly not surprised.

We’re not the Hollywood press but we’re more than happy to pick it up.


From Hollywoodintoto.com:

Maltin says the filmmakers had to sue Moore, whose new film “Fahrenheit 11/9” opens Sept. 19, to recover more than $150,000 for services rendered to the Traverse City Film Festival. Moore founded the event in 2005 and continues as its very public face.

According to Maltin, Moore called the lawsuit a “personal vendetta” during a recent TIFF appearance.

While many film scribes wade into the culture wars Maltin sticks to the filmmaking facts. He’s not the sort to attack someone in such a fashion.

But tell us more about evil rich guys, Michael.

Took some cojones to call Michael out with a video.

What say you, Michael?


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