You’d think with all of the investigations taking place right now (anyone else’s head spinning?!) the Department of Justice would be fully transparent in their support to make sure that no wrongdoing took place during and/or shortly after the 2016 election.


HA. Man, that made us laugh.

From the Washington Examiner:

Obama appointee Sally Yates was acting attorney general under President Trump for just 10 days — from Jan. 20, 2017 until Jan. 30, 2017 — but by any measure they were consequential days. Even now, two issues from Yates’ brief tenure are still of interest to congressional investigators. One was the series of events that led Yates, in charge of the Justice Department, to reject the president’s executive order temporarily suspending the admittance into the United States of people from some Muslim nations. The second is Yates’ role in the FBI’s questioning, apparently on dubious premises, the president’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, four days into the new administration — questioning that ultimately led to Flynn’s guilty plea in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Continued …

But now, the Justice Department refuses to hand over any of Yates’ emails to the Senate committee with direct oversight authority. If the Department were serious about complying, it might ask for some limits on what has to be produced, and it’s likely the Senate would have gone along, or at least negotiated about what should be turned over. But the Department just gave a flat no.

Makes you wonder, what the heck is the DOJ hiding about or for Sally Yates?

Inquiring minds and stuff, right?

It looks far worse to hide these things; heck, haven’t the Democrats been screaming about Kavanaugh docs for the last two months?

See? Forget that more documents have been provided for Kavanaugh than ANY OTHER nominee …

Don’t look at us man, we just work here.

Excellent point.


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