Remember that jacka*s who took a MAGA hat off a teen’s head in the middle of the night and threw a drink in his facen at a Whataburger in San Antonio, TX? Kino Jimenez ring any bells?

Yeah, that guy.

He’s been indicted.


A Bexar County grand jury has indicted a 30-year-old San Antonio man who was arrested in July after he was captured on video grabbing a “Make America Great Again” cap from a teenager who was dining at a San Antonio Whataburger.

Bexar County court records show Kino Jimenez was indicted Wednesday on a charge of theft of person, which is a state jail felony. He was located in Universal City in July by San Antonio police robbery task force detectives who took him into custody on an arrest warrant.

According to reports, Richard, who is from Orlando and was in San Antonio visiting friends, said the man approached the teen’s table, tore off Richard’s cap and asked why he was wearing it. When Richard responded that he supported President Donald Trump — the cap contains his campaign slogan — Richard said the man threw a drink in his face and walked away with the cap.

“You ain’t supportin’ s–t, n—-,” the man said while leaving.

Jimenez, who is out on bond, has a trial date of Oct. 19 in the 187th state District Court, presided by Judge Joey Contreras. Court records indicate he is being represented by defense attorney Ronald B. Cosgrove. The prosecutor on the case is Jason Goss.



He was being a bully.


This guy could be going to jail for two years and for what? Being so enraged over MAGA hat he attacked a teenager at a Whataburger?



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