Just two short years ago, Oliver Darcy seemed to understand that folks on the Right are indeed censored more in social media. But now that Trump is president and actually speaking out about the issue, he’s calling it paranoia.

For real.

Longstanding paranoia from conservatives.

Alrighty then.

Even though a couple of years ago he didn’t think it was just paranoia.

Must be nice to be a protected ‘class’ in social media, eh?

He can’t explain it so he just calls people who are getting censored, paranoid.

So what the heck happened to the guy?

Is it a CNN thing?

Would love to ask the Oliver Darcy of old what he thinks of the Oliver Darcy of now.

Did social media suddenly stop censoring Conservatives? Oh, wait, no they didn’t. In fact, it’s only gotten worse … but sure, paranoia.

Gotta love that narrative.


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