As Twitchy editors, we read and watch a lot of stupid. C’mon, of course we do, we cover Twitter.

But every once in a while we see something SO BAD, so absolutely painful, that even we can’t make it all the way through. It’s rare (we’re a warped sort), but when it happens we MUST share it with you, dear reader.

Lucky you, right?

Let us know if you make it through more than 20 seconds of Alyssa Milano’s nonsense …

It might be worth your time, but not for the reasons she thinks.


Not to mention it’s filled with so much misinformation and lies we’re not entirely sure where to even begin to debunk it so we’ll just laugh at it instead.

Something, and it ain’t good.


It’s bad.

But Trump!

They’re all so angry that Harry Reid well and truly screwed them by changing the rules that they can’t see straight.

Or stop making fools of themselves apparently.


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