You know, if Democrats would just admit they’re furious with Harry Reid for making it all but impossible for them to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation instead of shrieking nonstop with melodramatic tweets they’d be far better off.

Harry is a giant elephant in the room wearing sunglasses because he tripped on the treadmill …

Plus it would keep Democrats like Sen. Dianne Feinstein from making an a*s of herself tweeting about history:

History will not look kindly on a Democratic senator employing a Chinese spy for 20 years, Dianne.

We can’t wait for him to be confirmed.

Hopefully, then Democrats can go back to whining about the Russian collusion that didn’t actually appear to have happened.

Truth be told, Kavanaugh is definitely the least divisive nominee Trump could have picked. The real issue is simple, Democrats feel powerless and angry and they hate Trump, so they’ll make as much noise as they can so when their base is too dumb to understand what really happened they can say they FOUGHT.

Hard to explain to Resistance types that it’s Harry Reid’s fault that Kavanaugh will be confirmed and not Donald Trump.

Aaaaand we done. EL OH EL.


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