YES! Finally. SJWs have threatened Jack that they will leave Twitter on Friday, August 17th (today!) if he doesn’t ban Alex Jones from the social media giant. They call it #DeactiDay and chose an incredibly disrespectful name for it in ‘D-Day’.

And while it sounds like Jones was ‘locked’ for a week, his account is still on Twitter.

So that means all of these people screeching about not being on Twitter if he’s there are gone today, right?


Seems Mike is still on Twitter.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to grab his tweet.

Funny that.

And not only is Alex Jones still on Twitter, but he has his pretty blue check intact as well.

Sounds like Jack called their bluff.

Well … bye.

Wait, again, if Wil had taken his own advice wouldn’t he be deactivated by now? And oddly enough, we can pull his tweet.


Spearheaded by people who aren’t leaving.


Again, another person pushing #DeactiDay who happens to still be on Twitter.

Color us not shocked.

Yeah, us too. Probably because it sounds like if you have a blue check and you leave Twitter you lose your blue check. That and the majority of this was just another temper tantrum from our buddies on the Left.

Wonder how many of them have actually moved to Canada?

But he hasn’t … he’s up there. ^


Nope, she’s still there.

Still there.

For a bunch of people who claim they’ll leave Twitter if they don’t get their way, it sounds like they didn’t leave Twitter when they didn’t get their way. The fact we can pull their tweets at all is what makes this even more hilarious … and sad.

Color us not shocked.


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