Every time we see a headline or a tweet from The Hill claiming a CONSERVATIVE shredded Trump we know it’s one of two people and neither of them are exactly what we’d consider conservative.

Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot.

Or Bill Kristol but for some reason, The Hill doesn’t cover him as much as the other two.

One guess as to who the so-called conservative is this time around …

From The Hill:

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin on Thursday ripped President Trump in an editorial for what she called possibly his “stupidest tweet ever.”

“President Trump has issued shameful tweets, offensive tweets and self-serving tweets,” the “Right Turn” columnist wrote in her latest column. “Rarely, however, has he sent out a tweet that better conveys his abject ignorance about the country and economics than the tweet he posted Wednesday.”

The conservative columnist was referring to a tweet Trump sent out Wednesday morning in which he stated the United States was “built on tariffs.”

Blah blah blah.

Told you.

Salon cons. *eye roll*

Yup, they know people won’t click if they list Rubin or Boot because no one really considers either of them conservatives.



Yes, they are serious.

At least we think they are?

Who can tell these days.


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