Sounds like a ‘product incubator’ in Brooklyn, NY will be releasing a Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure this fall.

Just in time for Christmas too!

Oh, our sides … they hurt.

From The Hill:

A company that created a successful Kickstarter campaign to make a Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure says it is planning to ship the products in October.

Fctry, a product incubator based in Brooklyn, N.Y., initially hoped to raise $15,000 to create the “Notorious RBG” superhero but instead raised over $613,700 on its Kickstarter crowdfunding page.

Seems the Left has plenty of money to waste on frivolous things, from a ridiculous action figure of Ginsburg to making huge donations to a millionaire’s Go Fund Me because he was a douche and got fired (Strzok has raised hundreds of thousands). And they wonder why we don’t take anything they say about ‘budgeting’ seriously.

We’re crossing our fingers for the napping variant.

Wonder if they’ll have various outfits for Ruth to wear? Maybe differently colored robes? Will there be accessories?

Such FUN!

Ooh, good question.

And we’re officially dead.


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