Suddenly the Left loves the Koch Brothers. Totally.

No seriously, we’re not making that up.

Stop laughing.

Ok, go ahead and laugh, it’s pretty damn funny. Of course, the Left only loves the Koch Brothers because Trump hates them now, and we suppose that is what makes this hilarious. Remember when the Koch Brothers were to blame for all of the evil in the world?

They were the Left’s boogeyman.

They were literally Hitler.

Until Trump came along.

Seems like just yesterday they were complaining about the evil Koch Brothers.

That’s probably because they WERE.

Don’t do that to puppies and kittens, the Left would start kicking them in the streets!

Seems the exercise machine thought he was as big a loser as the rest of us did.

Oh, settle down, it’s a joke.

Sorta like the Left pretending the Koch Brothers are on their side now.


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