We get it.

The cornerstone of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s magical socialist platform is abolishing ICE.

Problem is, the majority of Dems do NOT want ICE abolished. *shrug*

That, of course, hasn’t stopped the Democratic sweetheart from pushing the issue:

The administration (and administrations before it) looks to separate children from ‘parents’ to make sure they are their parents.

It is to protect them from trafficking and other horrible things.


Alexandria would be better off to just admit this is about wanting open borders.

Or you know, keep enforcing the laws and stop people from entering our country illegally in the first place? Crazy, right?

Is it a human rights violation to separate American citizens from their children when they break the law?


But Truuuuuuump.

Fascinating how we didn’t hear a peep about this while Obama was president. Oh, wait, we did. From Republicans who knew we had an issue at the border and who were ignored by President Pen and Phone.

Let’s not pretend she actually has a real solution. It’s all about talking points that fit nicely on bumper stickers and t-shirts.

Socialists. *shrug*


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