Sounds like Alyssa Milano has a new show coming up on Netflix that she’s super excited to share with everyone. Take a look for yourself …

So wait. The entire show is about how this young lady was super miserable and lonely when she was heavier but then she got all skinny and became insatiable and cool? Umm … isn’t this the kind of crap that women who are pro-woman fight against? This looks a whole lot like fat-shaming to us, Alyssa.

And we weren’t the only ones to take issue with the trailer:

Lazy storytelling. This gal just summed Hollywood up in two words.


Amber seems upset.

And if she is looking to Alyssa as a leader in the women’s movement we can see why.

Yeah, sir.

Hypocrites are gonna hypocrite.

Alyssa did answer:

Yeah, because fat-shaming is HILARIOUS.

Actually pretty damn powerful.

We don’t disagree.

Oops, this didn’t age well.

Way to go, Alyssa.


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