Sorry, we were just trying to speak Tom Arnold’s language.

As Twitchy readers know, Tom got his britches all sorts of bunched up when Dave Rubin pointed out how stupid people were behaving around Mark Duplass’ suggestion that liberals follow Ben Shapiro. Ol’ Tom went as far as to tell Dave he’d have to deal with him … and then he ranted about somehow beating up Ben Shapiro?

It’s hard to decipher this level of nutty, so bear with us.

Don’t look at us, we didn’t write the tweet. Late-night tweeting is never a great idea.

Pretty damn stupid, right?

Grandpa? Dorks?

Anyone else get the feeling that Tom is trying too hard? This is just bizarre.

Ben, who has been VERY busy dealing with other crazy, made some time to address Tom’s crazy …

Awww, he even said good morning.

Yup. He’s nuts.

Is this another one of those Cohen things where Tom pretends he’s in cahoots with someone more important than him? He went on to retweet Ben:

Think it’s about time for someone to come pick up their nutty Uncle Tom.

Just sayin’.


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