Our favorite parody, Sean Spicier, is never better when the Left is already in full-blown crazy outrage mode … which incidentally has been most of the time Trump has been in office so we never seem to run out of hilarity to cover on his timeline.

This time around he tweeted about Comey, the media, Deep State and of course RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.

Guess how they reacted?


Technically Spicer did sort of go away, but Spicier is forever.

We’re pretty sure History books won’t cover the parody account but you never know. He (or she) is definitely worth remembering.

But is it more than a Google?


Ok, fine, so he’s funnier than we are. PFFFT.

We are sensing a good deal of penis envy on the Left.

Poor Hillary.

Trash spewing is beneath him … as Terri flips him off.


Whoohoo! It’s about time!

These people have NO sense of humor.




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