If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed the world will end.

That is, of course, unless Putin destroys it first.

Or the tax cuts.

Or net neutrality.

Or whatever the latest panic-inducing, fearmongering BS claim the Left is making today.

This bit from ThinkProgress is exceptionally stupid.

From ThinkProgress:

Chief Justice John Roberts has a plan to neuter the Voting Rights Act. All of it. He’s held onto this plan for nearly forty years, waiting for the day when he could deploy it.


These people.

That day is nearly upon us. If the Senate confirms Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanuagh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, Roberts will almost certainly have the votes he needs to gut America’s voting rights law. It’s not hard to guess what will happen next.

It shocks us that people read this tripe on purpose. Maybe they like being scared for absolutely no reason.

We’ve come to the conclusion that overreacting is all the Left knows these days; honestly, we’re shocked they haven’t burned out yet.

But getting an ID is too hard. Waaaaaah.

Sounds good to us.


The Onion is far more believable.


Talk about a seriously missed opportunity.


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