According to Resistance super-harpy, Scott Dworkin, the only way to defeat Putin is to allow Hillary Clinton to take over.

Stop laughing, he actually said it.

See for yourself.

WHOA boy.

You know, people like Dworkin make this so damn easy for Trump. True story. Trump says or does something pretty stupid, there’s the Resistance making sure they say or do something even stupider. We barely get a moment to be concerned about the Trump piece before we’re watching the Resistance lose their damn minds … they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Trump should send them all cookies for the support they’ve already given him for his 2020 election.

Not even close.

Maybe Dworkin would be happier with a dictator.

What he said.

It’s definitely right up there.

All they had to do was NOT be crazy.

Ouch. Basically, for every one county she won, he won five.

Hey, look at us, doing math and stuff.

Like Obama once said, it’s a barrier.

We’re starting to wonder.

Don’t forget his granola bar, man.

You’ve gotta see some of these responses from the Left:


They actually believe this.

Sad, ain’t it?

Well, if we’re playing this game that means Bernie should be president because we all know Hillary and the DNC cheated him out of the nomination because it was supposedly ‘her turn’.

Told ya’.

Maybe Dworkin was still angry about the poll he tried to take about Donald Trump and Peter Strzok … that he deleted. Sadly, we weren’t able to grab the poll but LUCKILY Twitter is forever and a Tweep was good enough to send it along.



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