Trump Derangement Syndrome is REAL.

It apparently causes Hollywood types to screech, shake their fists, write in all caps, and misspell words in an extraordinarily embarrassing fashion. We’re pretty sure Ron Perlman is at stage four with his TDS …

What the heck is a ‘preservor’? Is that sort of like a preserver? Asking for a friend.

Every day Ron reminds us why his job is reading the words someone ELSE writes.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Pretty sure this isn’t too far off from the truth.

Go home, man.

The teddy bears are a nice touch.

HA HA HA HA HA HA … oh, ouch, our sides.

Preserves …


Not a damn thing.

Unless screeching on Twitter in all caps is considered doing something, THEN Ron has you covered.


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