If someone on Twitter tells you they are pondering, especially if they work in Hollywood, mute them.

Nothing good ever came out of a Hollywood elite who said they were pondering.

Case in point, Ron Perlman.


We told you. Pondering is never a good thing when it comes to Hollywood. This is why they’re paid to read the words SOMEONE ELSE writes.

Ripping anything not white apart? There has got to be some book full of generic, stupid talking points they’re using because HOLY WOW, this is dumb. Then again, Ron did say he was pondering so we suppose it’s possible he came up with this all on his own.


Actually, Republicans did MOST of what Ron is claiming ‘he’ did. But at this point, we’re sadly used to the Left pretending they did everything good in history and then trying to shift the blame for the horrible crap they actually DID to the Right.

Perhaps he missed it but slaveholders were Democrats.

Nazis were ‘socialists’.

Just sayin’.

Oh, Ron.

This was such hyperbole that Webster’s actually copied and pasted this thread into the definition of the word.

In fact, English teachers will be using this thread in the fall as an example of what to avoid when writing a persuasive argument.

He would have had to have it first to lose it, but yes.

Ooh, ooh, we know!

The funniest part of his thread is his claiming it’s not hyperbole.

Toxic manbaby.

SO using that.

And curtain.


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