How mad do you think this made Jim Acosta?

We know, it’s childish to laugh when Trump puts Acosta and CNN in their place and we SHOULD be talking about the importance of decorum and professionalism but … OMG HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Guess we’re childish.

You have to wonder if this has become some sort of ongoing joke with the Trump administration; how angry and fussy can they make Jim Acosta during a press conference. Do you think they hand out bonus points if they make him made overseas?

Reminder, Jim, and CNN did this to themselves.

On international TV, yup.

No doubt his next diary entry will be hilarious.

OOOOF even.

Jake Tapper seems unhappy that Trump snubbed his pal, Acosta.

CNN has no one to blame but themselves.

Sorry, not sorry.

We can’t WAIT for the #DearDiary entries …


Dear Diary,

Why can’t I make Trump love me?! WHY?! I work, and I slave, and what THANKS do I get?!

My hair looked good though.



At the time of this writing, Acosta has not tweeted about being shut down … yet.

But we’ll keep an eye out.


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