That moment when you’re watching a Congressional Hearing and you see a Republican go off even MORE than Trey Gowdy did and then Democrats freak OUT … and you can’t stop laughing because it’s all so stupid.

Yup, this sums it up nicely.

Appears Rep. Louie Gohmert flipped OUT on Peter Strzok during today’s hearing:

Alrighty then.

We told you!

We’re not sure which is crazier here. That Gohmert talked about the giant elephant in the room (aka Strzok alleged affair) OR the Democrats telling Gohmert he needs to take his medication.

What we are sure of is that this is NUTS.

Yes, yes he did go there.

Pass the popcorn, will ya’?


And to think, some people believe politics is boring.


Louie had a few tweets up as well:

This is a lot calmer, right?

Perhaps this is what happened with Gohmert, he finally got fed up and flipped out.

Who among us hasn’t felt like flipping out recently?

This has been so LIT.


And you thought 2017 was nutty.



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