Brit Hume seems as exasperated with Peter Strzok’s claim that his anti-Trump text messages weren’t biased as we are.

Not quite as much as Trey Gowdy (holy cow!) but close.

Yes. He actually said that.

And a bunch of other stupid stuff.

Ummm …

Ooh, ooh, we know!



Because it’s biased AF.

Just listening to Strzok you can tell he’s a biased, emotional, internally raging harpy pretending he’s not like the other members of the Resistance because of his job.

It’s pathetic.

We missed that?


Honestly, at this point, nothing shocks us anymore. It’s all sadly believable.

Ummm … again.

Very, very, very naive apparently.



We imagine even if he loses his job the Democrats will elect him OR MSNBC will hire him as a commentator.



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