James Woods nailed Peter Strzok’s repugnant behavior today during the Congressional Hearing.

He also slammed the Democrats as well.

Their behavior is just SHAMEFUL, between clapping for Strzok and calling for a point of order every three minutes when it seems like a Republican smells blood. We’re shocked they haven’t pulled a fire alarm yet.

Especially that yahoo saying Strzok deserves a purple heart … for texting hateful BS during an election.

We can’t make this nonsense up.


Strzok should be ashamed.

Funny how he’s nicer to Democrats smooching his backside and pretending he’s some sort of hero.

True story, this editor had to turn it off because it was just a sh*t show of stupid.

After Trey Gowdy ripped Strzok a new one that is … 

And the Democrats APPLAUDED him.

Joe isn’t wrong.

Does that make Strzok, ‘Comey Lite’?

Asking for a friend.


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