Don’t worry folks, Jim Acosta wanted to make sure everyone knew he actually did get ONE question answered by Trump during the joint press conference in the U.K. earlier today. And as you would expect, it was a seriously important question because you know, he is all about serious reporting when it comes to the news.

Really dude?

We’d have ignored your question too.

Literally this editor right now.

We can’t decide if this person doubts Trump’s answer or that Jim actually got his question answered but either way, it works, so we’ll go with it.


Dear Diary,

Trump ANSWERED ME! I knew he would finally see the light!

And my hair still looks good.

I am finally COMPLETE, Diary!



He tweeted this:

And also this so we’d all know he answered BACK when Trump called them a fake network (so tough!):


Oh Jim, never change.


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