Senator Chris Murphy wants everyone to know that if you support the Second Amendment and oppose an ‘assault weapon ban’ that makes you a RADICAL.

We can’t make this nonsense up.

Far to the right of Scalia? Psh, we wish.

Notice the time on this … Kavanaugh had barely been announced and been given the chance to speak when Murphy was babbling and trying to scare his followers about Trump’s SCOTUS pick. Who to be completely honest was probably the most balanced and least polarizing justice he could have picked.

Imagine how they would have FREAKED over Barrett.

It’s not radical to support gun rights.

But guns go PEW PEW PEW!

Ask Biden.

Nice of Chris to let us know what he really thinks about the Constitution, eh?

Sweet, sweet karma.

As you can see this went ‘well’ for Chris.

Hey man, don’t like it, win an election.


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