Someone who actually knows Brian Stelter in real life needs to step in and stop him from watching Fox News from here on out.


We don’t know anyone on Twitter who spends as much time watching and tweeting obsessively about the news outlet as much as Brian does. Honestly, you’d think he works for Fox News with the amount of attention he gives them and brings their way in social media.

Ooh! He used exclamation marks! He must REALLY mean this!

Because you know, CNN never allows their guests to go ‘over the line.’

Dana Loesch recalls it differently (like the rest of us):

Oh yeah, that.

We all remember that time Brian interviewed David Hogg and let him babble about a  bunch of false facts and fake news, so really in the grand scheme of things, Bri has zero room to criticize anyone else for allowing a guest to go over the line.

And gosh, he didn’t reply to Dana just yet.

Wonder why.

Because CNN this or Democrats that.

Awwww, so THAT’S why he’s so obsessed.

It all makes sense finally.

Seriously, it’s getting a little messy around here.

Check this out …

We told you he’s obsessed.


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