Michelle Wolf may not know how babies are made.

True story.

She says abortion is ‘keeping a baby from happening.’

And no, that would be using birth control or not having sex in the first place because you know, science. But we digress.

From The Daily Beast:

This is why it’s so important to have women hosts in late-night television.

In a segment that could never have been delivered by her male counterparts, Michelle Wolf responded to the news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement on this week’s episode of The Break by clearing up some common misconceptions about abortion in America.

“Although it’s great for his wrinkly head,” Wolf said of Kennedy, “it could be catastrophic for reproductive rights.” Echoing her fellow female late-night host Samantha Bee, she added, “It’s so ironic that Trump could be the guy who ends legal abortion. That dude has been responsible for more abortions than the invention of back alleys.”

“Look, access to abortion is good and important,” she continued. “Some people say abortion is ‘killing a baby.’ It’s not. It’s stopping a baby from happening.’

The stupid, it literally burns.

What he said.

Yeah, evil white man.

Wait, we don’t know what color Jim Treacher is … heck, he could be a chick for all we know.


Or, you know, using birth control.

Crazy talk, right?

It’s the magic dust in the vaginal canal or something? OR when a leprechaun sprinkles four-leave clovers on the pregnant woman? No?


Then we got nothin’.

Hey, at least she admits it.

But Trump!

Wait, ok, that doesn’t work here.

Carry on.



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