We get what this reporter is trying to do, he’s trying to make it seem like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is in great shape even though Abraham Lincoln appointed her to the SCOTUS years ago. BEFORE you start yelling at us that Abe didn’t appoint Ruth we know, it’s a joke.

Settle down.

But even if he’s trying to make Lefties feel better about the idea that Ruth may eventually retire as well before Trump is done being president, all he really did was make himself look like a total wuss-cake.

From POLITICO (in 2017):

Since Trump’s election, Ginsburg’s continued survival has become a matter of severe anxiety for liberals, many of whom pressured her in vain to resign during the Obama years to ensure that a Democrat appointed her successor. On Thursday night, during an appearance at George Washington University, she vowed, “I will do this job as long as I can do it full steam.” Worried about just how long that will be, people have been offering to send her kale or donate blood or clad her in protective padding, and it’s not entirely clear they are joking.

To address their concerns, I set out to investigate the world’s most important workout, an endeavor that the chambers of Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan all promptly declined to have anything to do with

Alrighty then …

As for Ginsburg’s continued vitality, after going through one of her workouts I can confirm she could not be in better hands. Sore, disoriented and cranky, I didn’t feel a day over 65.

Ok, so we just feel sorry for this guy now. Ha!

Pretty sad.

You’d think.

We’re not sure this actually succeeded in doing much other than making us giggle … a lot.


They must be REALLY worried.


All we can say is if the media is behaving in this manner today AFTER Trump announces his pick things are going to be LIT.


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