We all knew the Left would implode the moment Trump announced his SCOTUS pick. In fact, many of us were even making jokes yesterday about eating our Wheaties to try and keep up with the crazy we’d see today. But there isn’t a big enough bowl of Wheaties in existence to deal with this level of nutso …

Check out Ron Perlman’s reaction to Kavanaugh:

Pretty sure he meant ‘Sharia Law,’ and wow.

Soo … Brett Kavanaugh is a Muslim? Gosh, we thought he was a Catholic.


Isn’t it a big no-no to talk badly about Islam on the Left?

Perhaps Kavanaugh’s nomination finally broke something in Hellboy’s brain.

Seems like it?

We double checked to see if it’s really him.

And it is.

True story.

Sharia Law … man.


So, is Ron saying Islam is full of old bitter men? We thought they were the religion of peace – now we’re just confused. Ok, not really.

And curtain.


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