Tomi Lahren has been very open about being pro-choice, even before she ‘left’ The Blaze last year. She is still getting pushback from a good many Conservatives who believe that to be Conservative once must be pro-life.

Those pesky principles always getting in the way …

Seems Tomi doesn’t like being called out about her ‘thoughts.’


Ben Shapiro shared what we thought were words of wisdom.

Seems like simple enough advice to us.

Tomi apparently did not appreciate this.

Here we go.

No one is asking anyone to bow down, Tomi. Conservatives are understandably concerned when another so-called Conservative says Roe shouldn’t be overturned. This is not personal, this is just politics.

Uh oh.

He didn’t say he was morally superior. He just challenged her argument.


We knew this was coming.

And damn straight.

If you can’t debate your ideas then perhaps politics isn’t for you.

Just sayin’.

Trump did actually come out as pro-life and even admitted his views had changed from when he was more pro-choice.

We’d like to think perhaps he learned a thing or two over the years.

And damn!

Oh brother.


‘Nuff said.


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