After YEARS AND YEARS of Democrats sabotaging our health care system, they’re now trying to blame rising premiums on Republicans. It wasn’t enough for them to take a system that was working for most Americans and totally crap on it, now they want to campaign on Republicans who are honestly trying to fix the mess THEY made.

Take Chuck Schumer for example …

Junk plans.

See, this is why Democrats are struggling. They really believe that allowing Americans to make their own decisions about healthcare is somehow a bad thing and that we’re all too stupid to figure it out ourselves.

Then again, most of their agenda and platform is dependent upon Americans being stupid, so we suppose that makes sense.

Nice try, Chuck.

Yeah! Be a man, would ya’?


This would only be worse for Chuck if they showed a headline where Obama promised us all we could keep our doctors if we liked them.

It was so popular they had to force us to use it.

Good times.

Ruh-roh Chucky.

But tell us more about how it’s the Republicans’ fault.


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