Awww, poor Brian Krassensetin. He seems upset.

As Twitchy readers know, Brian and Ed Krassenstein for WHATEVER reason picked a fight with Dana Loesch on Monday … perhaps they were missing the attention they used to get when they were Justin Belieber fan accounts.

Or maybe they just didn’t realize how badly she would destroy them in front of THOUSANDS of people on Twitter.

Now, what’s FASCINATING about Brian’s tweet (and not in a good way) is that Dana has only been responding to him and his brother, and they’ve been deleting tweets during the debate.

Makes you wonder how many tweets the brothers actually sent her.

If they were smart they’d just walk away.

That being said, they’re not that smart.

Look at Ed, trying to rally his base against mean ol’ Dana.



They’re too busy deleting tweets and crying about how mean Dana is to actually answer her.


What’s odd is how these brothers picked a fight and then got upset when she swung back.

Trillion articles, dude.

And please, he deleted a lot of tweets. Both brothers did.

Like this one.

Ummm …


Because he and his brother are giant cowards who can dish it but can’t take it?

Just spitballin’.


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