Brian Krassenstein, along with his brother Ed, somehow made it to the forefront of the Resistance movement. Today, he’s using his platform to try to get a rise out of Dana Loesch:

Let’s see how his effort’s paying off so far:

Oh dear. Sucks to be you, Brian!


And speaking of things coming out of the woodwork, where the hell did this come from?

If that was supposed to make Loesch feel bad or something … it didn’t. In fact, it’s the person who thought that was clever or funny who really deserves pity:


And speaking of pity, we almost feel sorry for the Krassensteins. Not even the awesome power of the mighty Resistance can keep them from getting owned by Dana Loesch.

Except you do care, Ed. Deeply. Which is why you and your brother keep going back for more despite getting smacked around.

Nice try, Brian. But you started this fight.

And Loesch is the one who will ultimately finish it.