Norm Eisen, Obama’s former ‘Ethics Czar’ (whatever the heck THAT is) seems to have taken issue with Sharyl Attkisson’s latest piece about Rosenstein.

Huh, wonder why?

Foolish piece?


From The Hill:

For his part, Rosenstein has several potential conflicts of interest— at least in perception. And in the realm of legal ethics, perception counts.

Rosenstein recommended that President Trump fire FBI Director — then handpicked Robert Mueller to investigate why Trump fired Comey. It’s akin to you or I being allowed to hire the guy who’s going judge our own actions. Not only that, Rosenstein’s pick — Mueller — is a longtime colleague of Comey’s, whose own behavior was found to be “extraordinary and insubordinate,” according to the recent DOJ’s inspector general report.

Rosenstein reviewed and signed off on controversial wiretaps of Trump associate Carter Page, who was never charged with a crime despite being tracked under four FBI wiretap approvals.

Gosh, Norm, it seems to us that Sharyl was speaking about perceived conflict and wasn’t making a legal argument.

Simmer down lil ethics fella.

Notice, Norm didn’t bother to tag Sharyl in his dig, so luckily this person with no avi sent it her way … to troll her.

Indeed it does make the world go ’round.

Sharyl shared her piece AGAIN, perhaps to spite him … we love it.

Read it.

Trust us.

That’s probably why the ethics guy is really freaking out, Sharyl has made the entire situation something anyone can follow and understand. Which is, you know, the ethical thing to do.

Funny that.


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