We write about a lot of parodies on Twitter because it’s one of the lighter and funnier things we have the opportunity to talk about. From our buddy, Sean Spicier, to The Racine Times, to the Maxine Waters parody (she’s out there!) these accounts keep people guessing.

But our latest ‘discovery’ is an account called DNCResearch who tweeted something SO BELIEVABLE as the supposed Democrats they literally fooled close to everyone. So does this mean that basically, the Democrats are so whacked they’re impossible to parody? See for yourself.

Admit it, if we didn’t tell you they were a parody you MIGHT have thought this was a real tweet from the DNC.

It’s hilarious in a sad way, yes.

RIGHT? They’re such a parody of a political party themselves already.

Told you.

Let’s just hope the DNC doesn’t get any ideas from this parody.

People responded in kind … because true story, this could be any other DNC post.

Funny because it’s true.

And a rather brilliant one at that.

Hey, it’s a parody but this guy is onto something.


But it’s hard to tell.

They just might.


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