If you haven’t had a chance to read the #WalkAway tag on Twitter, we highly suggest you take a moment to look through the posts. Especially if you’re a Democrat because your base is trying to tell you something.

Of course, Democrats will likely try and pretend these people are fake or Russian bots instead of really listening to them, so it’s an even bigger red flag for the so-called party of tolerance.

True story.

Why is this not trending?


There are thousands of tweets on this tag, it should be trending.

Any guesses why it’s not?Y

Yes, that’s a rhetorical question. *sigh*

These ‘testimonials’ are outstanding:

Since we’re sharing I’ll write in first person …

I voted for Bill Clinton in my first presidential election. I was in college and at the time it seemed like the thing everyone was doing. I got to meet him since he campaigned at my college, he even shook my hand and complimented the women in my area. No joke.

I didn’t figure out that Democrats were wrong for the country until I had a real job and saw how much money Uncle Sam was taking from me. Then in 2001 when we were attacked on our own soil that jolted me so greatly, and then watching W. speak to the country that very night, I was convinced. Have been a Conservative ever since because finally I grew up.

Funny how growing up is key to ‘walking away’ from Democrats.

True story.


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