Would it be out of line to suggest that perhaps the Left didn’t handle the news of Justice Kennedy retiring from SCOTUS at the end of July all that well?


The man is 81 years old, people, and he has been at this whole SCOTUS thing for 31 years! It’s not some giant conspiracy on the Trump administration’s part, it’s simply the reality of aging and retirement. That being said, the way the Left reacted you’d have thought Trump appointed HIMSELF to the bench …

The Reagan Battalion was good enough to pull together some of the craziest and more IMPLOSIVE meltdowns in a video, and they even set it to music. Enjoy.


We covered the poor gal crying in the shower earlier, but the rest of these … holy COW.


How does that old saying go? WOMP WOMP.


Lighten up, Francis.

See, what she said.

Funny how that works.


*gloats a little more*


Bottle those, SILLY! Righties have a HEYDAY with blue-check who claims she ‘cried in the shower’ over SCOTUS

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