We get what Kathy Griffin was trying to do here … well, except for the obvious beg for attention (which we know, we know, we’re giving her). Kathy was trying to be all edgy by having her photo taken with a woman who had consensual sex with the president before he was the president and pretending like this is some sort of GOTCHA.

And instead, all that she really did was manage to set Stormy Daniels up for a ton of trolling.

Huh. F*ck Trump.

Didn’t Stormy already do that?

THAT’S the joke and people told it over and over and over again.

And we laughed.

Gold star for epic sarcasm here.

Guess how the rest of Kathy’s thread went:

Remember how hard she cried and begged for forgiveness?

Good times.



We see what she did here.

But they’re EDGY, they flipped off the president and used a foul hashtag.

RESIST and stuff.

The laughing emoji is what really makes this tweet work.

Because YES, we are all laughing, and since Kathy is a comedian you’d think this would be a good thing.

Sadly though, she’s her own punchline.

Yeah yeah, this editor even had a dig …

We have the best job ever, really we do.


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