Melania Trump went to see a detention center along the border for herself … so of course, the Left totally sh*t the bed.

From ABC News:

First lady Melania Trump traveled to Texas Thursday in an unannounced visit to a social services center amid a crisis over migrant children being forcibly separated from their parents as a result of the administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy.

“I’m glad I’m here and I’m looking forward to seeing the children,” she said at a roundtable with doctors and workers at the Upbring New Hope Children’s Center, part of Lutheran Social Services of the South. “But first of all, let me begin to recognize each of you and thanking you for all that you do, for your heroic work that you do every day and what you do for those children. We all know they’re here without their families, and I want to thank you for your hard work.”

And shockingly the Left was totally supportive of FLOTUS making the effort to visit the center …


They lost it. Duh.

Check out Scott Dworkin.

He’s such a neo-maxi-zoom dweebie.

Oh, and it just got worse, as things usually do when we’re talking about our loving, tolerant friends on the Left:

Fluff peace?

Bless her heart.

Wow, how the Left does project.

But Disney World is so rad.

This is one of those tweets where you have to read it three or four times to realize just how whacked it really is.

They try so hard.

Alrighty then.

Maddy must mean the cages Obama built, right?

So, when did Michelle Obama visit a detention center? Anyone?

That’s what we thought.


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