We’re starting to think Brian Stelter might want to stop with the hall monitoring of how and why people read the news they do and focus on trying to cover actual news. And not more of his silliness about how Melania Trump was missing when she wasn’t …

This never goes the way he thinks it will.

CNN seems so low on a list where they should be high and high where they should be low.


But hey, way to put Fox News in its place, Bri.

From the Knight Foundation:

Gallup and Knight Foundation’s 2017 Survey on Trust, Media and Democracy found that Americans believe the news media have a critical role to play in U.S. democracy but are not performing that role well. One of Americans’ chief concerns about media is bias, and Americans are much more likely to perceive bias in the news today than they were a generation ago.

Because the news IS biased. See CNN.

More than eight in 10 U.S. adults report being angry or bothered by seeing biased information. A slightly greater proportion of Americans — more than nine in 10 — get angry or bothered by inaccurate information.

Ruh-roh, Brian.

Sad tater.


Seems like Brian’s threads always go this way …

And that’s not fake news.


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